Looking after yourself is important and so is getting it right.

Our new tips page gives advice on male grooming to ensure your using the right products for your skin and correct therapies for your needs.

Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in the body ÖÖ. Surprising but true! Therefore, we need to take care of it, through nutrition, water and a good skin care routine.

More men are taking care of their image and it is important to look after your skin and correctly.

The structure of men and womenís skin is the same but menís skin does have more hair and increased oil production.

It is 50% thicker, 22 % oilier and has 22% more collagen then womenís. It can also have a dull, grey complexion and due to shaving, the skin can be left with ingrown hairs and sensitive patches. Therefore, it is important to get your skincare routine correct, otherwise, the skin can be left with more outbreaks and blackheads, look tired and stressed or sensitive.

The male grooming market is increasing with many new products suited for menís skin; it is beneficial to seek professional help in recommending you a correct skincare regime for your skin type.  A program of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising will keep the skin in tiptop condition and will help prevent blemishes, oily patches, dehydration or sensitive areas.

Book in for a consultation to find out the skincare routine you should use or what products you need to use for the optimum results for your skin

Shaving Tips

Ingrown hairs are often a result of incorrect shaving, therefore a daily routine of a power cleanse and exfoliation, shaving with the grain and moisturizing after you shave will help prevent the hairs growing back into the hair follicle and causing irritation.

For a close shave use the same procedure as above but also soften the beard/stubble with a hot flannel before you shave to open the hair follicle..

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